Where are the rewards coming from?
We have pre-mined 1 Billion $VPND in the genesis. This is the total supply that will ever exist. They were distributed as:
  • 875.000.000 $VPND to the Rewards pool to sustain daily rewards while protocol stabilizes
  • 125.000.000 $VPND to provide liquidity, at a launch price of $0.0001.
Those 875.000.000 $VPND are the runway of the project, in other words the time the contract can pay the daily rewards even if no one is creating new nodes. That is why we are focusing on strong liquidity at the beginning and later we will switch the distribution system to have a solid Rewards pool.
You will be able to participate in the DAO by owning nodes. Owning nodes give you the ability to vote where the treasury funds are invested. We plan to create a proposal every Monday and node owners will be able to vote on the proposals using Snapshot.
All the yields obtained from the Treasury funds will be used to buyback $VPND tokens and deposit them to the Rewards pool.
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