How does it work?
VaporFi aims to provide everyone the opportunity to participate in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We took inspiration from industry leaders in the booming DeFi yield space and created our own innovation of the Nodes protocol.
We will provide a long-term sustainable environment that incentivizes long-term investments. Yield will be farmed and redistributed in equal proportion to your nodes, relative to how much $VPND is within them. Fixed rates are not guaranteed as these may change over time with industry conditions to ensure health of the protocol. However, all yield will always be distributed back across these nodes acting as yield baskets which create a long-term rewards via a global distribution model.
For each node you purchase you will receive daily rewards in the form of $VPND. VaporFi nodes act as a yield basket where rewards are paid out to you as a function of the reward pool. The reward pool will be sourced from a variety of yield farm services and investor injections.
In order to make VaporFi affordable to everyone we have created a flexible nodes system. The minimum amount needed for creating a node is 1,000 $VPND and there is no maximum, There is a maximum of 5 nodes per wallet. Find more details in the Rewards page.
The community will follow decentralized governance models as a DAO and decide how the Treasury funds are invested and where the development team should focus their time to innovate and build the sustainability of the protocol and the product itself.
For every $VPND you put into a node, you will be granted a vote. All proposals will be done in Snapshot.
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